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Donations to MAPMG RPA

MAPMG Retired Physicians Association has been funded by its leadership team since inception.


Currently, our costs are relatively low, approximately $600 annually to maintain our website, our Domain Name "," Zoom access, as well as other minor costs.  With inflation and growth in membership, these costs are likely to escalate slowly over the years.   As we discussed summer 2023,  since MRPA belongs to ALL of us as members, these costs should be borne by the membership at large.   


Because we are not a licensed corporation, we cannot formally ask for annual dues.  Instead, we are asking for Voluntary Contributions from our members to help defray ongoing costs.   We believe that if most members donate $15-20 annually, our expenses would be fully covered each year. 


In terms of the mechanism to donate, Doug Cappiello has agreed to become MRPA's unofficial Treasurer.   He has created a checking account ("MRPA Checking") at his bank, dedicated to receiving funds for MRPA, and using this account to pay any expenses that MRPA accrues each year.

Thank you for your ongoing participation and support of the MAPMG Retired Physicians Association.  We appreciate all of you as members, colleagues and friends.

How To Donate to MAPMG RPA

If you would like to send a voluntary donation to MRPA, please use one of the following two processes:

  1. Zelle - Once logged into Zelle, please send the money to Douglas Cappiello, using email address   Using this address will directly deposit the money into the MRPA Checking Account.

  2. Personal Check by US Mail- Please make out to Douglas Cappiello and mail to 1740 Park Oak Drive, Roseville, CA 95661

If you have questions, let us know at 

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